My story

St. Greg (Greg Chisom Ofoma) was born in a family of six (6) to late Elder & late Pastor Gabriel Obi Ofoma.

At the age of eight (8), St. Greg led his local church choir to the National Choir Competition among all the churches in his denomination, where they finished as the 1st Runner Up in the competion.

In his secondary school days, St. Greg with his three (3) elder brothers formed a musical group, the renowned NEW WAVES (dready boys), and in 1991 released their debut album titled “Yardstick”. The New Waves were launched into the Music hall of fame in Nigeria & beyond, with sales of over two (2) million copies. Being the Lead Singer of the group, St. Greg, who was then known as Greg Thompson became a face that everybody looked out for.

Shortly after the release, the Dready Boys suffered some personal set backs. First, the three members of the group became orphans, which included St. Greg. The fourth member of the group, who is their cousin, lost his dad.

There after, the recording company, Average Records, became so insensitive and left them with little or nothing to show for their success. So after three (3) successive albums with the company, both parties parted ways. Though, through court settlement that lasted for over 11 years, which affected the group emotionally and sociologically. But before the favorable judgement in court, the group came together again in 2003 & recorded an 8-track album which was not sold in the market due to the on-going legal battle at that time. The group finally lost all interest in music, some went back to school while others went into business.

In 2006, St. Greg recorded & shot the visuals of an 8-track gospel album “Psalm 23” but this was not released into the market for some personal reasons. And in the year 2008, he started recording the gospel album “Virtues” with renowned Producer/Gospel Rock Singer, Iyke Onka, which was finally released in the month of June 2013. And since the release, the evergreen song has been making great impact around the world & many lives are being changed daily! In the recent past, St. Greg released few other singles like I BELONG TO YOU, SPIRIT & LIFE, EAST WIND, which he performed with all the members of the New Waves.  St. Greg, formerly known as Greg Thompson in his days with the Dready Boys has few other yet to be released collabos with renowned gospel ministers like Kasid, T.A.K, Jack. The video shoot of “I Mara Nma, the song he performed with T.A.K. would soon take off & it promoses to be a life changing song around the world. Meanwhile, St. Greg is currently in the studio with another renowned gospel song producer, Kelly Lyon on a huge music project. I tell you, the gospel of Jesus Christ would move faster around the world because of this. We all know Kelly Lyon is an Empire, sure many more things shall follow! Kindly follow @stgregmusic very closely on all major social media handles & get ready for great things as they unfold. Remain blessed! St. Greg Team